How you can prepare for the future of Battery Storage

Power efficiency when running a business is essential.

The good news is: the energy storage revolution is gathering speed as battery technology improves and the pricing for unit reduces.

Solar energy is a no-brainer when it comes to recharging batteries in such a sunburnt country like Australia. It makes sense then that other parts of a solar PV energy system can integrate a storage solution.

Introducing: the battery ready inverter.

What’s an inverter?

An inverter is an electrical device connected between a direct current source – for example, solar panels – and an alternate current connection, i.e. the grid connection.

For those with solar installed in their business, you get it. The inverter is an essential part of the system that can tell you the status of the solar panels and how much energy is being generated.

However, not all inverters are equal.

Some can only handle so much energy from the solar panels, and others can operate multiple sources of energy. In systems that are designed to handle both solar and storage options, the inverter is labelled as a battery-ready inverter.

So what’s a battery ready inverter?

As the name implies, it’s an inverter that can take not only solar PV like other inverters but can be easily integrated with a battery energy storage unit.

The key take is that the inverter is capable of not handling the energy output from the battery safely. It can also effectively communicate with the battery.

Batter ready inverters are safe and are great because they’re easy to install (meaning less installation costs for you) .

But wait – not all inverters are battery ready

If you have already a solar PV system, it’s likely your inverter is only designed to handle a PV system, – not battery storage.

If you decide down the line to add a battery storage system to your solar PV, you can retain your existing system and add a battery inverter to power up the battery bank.

If you’re future-proofing a solar PV system, the system should count with an inverter that is designed to take in solar PV and later down the line a battery storage system, all without changing the rest of the system.

More than one kind of battery inverter

To add to the complexity, battery inverters come in many different functions. This is to allow a customer-tailored solution as well as to provide flexibility and reliability.

Grid-connected battery inverter – Provides solar PV and battery storage connection to the grid as long as the grid is available. This is not recommended for stand-alone systems.

Multimode inverter – The most flexible system, this inverter can operate with or without a connection to the grid. A perfect solution when you have a fragile or unreliable grid connection.

UPS Multimode inverter – A multimode inverter capable of uninterruptible power supply, which means that changing from a grid connection to relying entirely with the PV or battery storage is fast, almost imperceptible.
Why are Battery Ready Inverters Useful for your Business?

Businesses rely on stable investments.

When it comes to electricity storage and future-proofing yourself and your system, an Enphase Storage System is an effective solar PV and storage solution. We wrote about the Enphase Solar System here.

Enphase Storage systems are modular, easy to install and operate because they run on AC rather than DC electricity. This means that batteries can be added to the system as required – there’s no need change the initial system.

The AC Batteries feature an internal battery inverter that provides a compatible AC output – making a system expansion, installation, commissioning and maintenance super easy.

It’s an excellent option for any business owner looking at adapting an existing solar system with Enphase microinverters, or starting one from scratch.

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Here at Power Saving Solutions, we believe that battery storage will become an essential part of everyday life as we move to a decarbonised world. We offer tailored solutions to meet your business needs and ensure that the system operates to the best of its ability. Visit or contact us on 1300 659 229 to book a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!