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Earn cash by referring businesses and individuals.

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Referral Partner Benefits

We’re a trusted solar provider

Our track record speaks for itself with a multitude of glowing 5-star reviews from happy clients. We’ve worked with some of Australia’s notable names from Sydney Water to The Salvation Army, The NSW Government and Novo Rail.

We make it easy

We make the entire process easy. Fill in a simple enquiry form, have a friendly chat over the phone or Zoom, seal the deal with a referral agreement, and let the solar magic happen. We’re all about making it effortless for you.

How does it work?

Uncapped Earning Potential

When you refer someone to us and they decide to embrace solar energy, you’ll earn a cool $50 for every kilowatt of solar panels they install.  The more you refer, the more you earn. There’s no cap on how much commission you can make.

How much do our referral partners make?

  • You’ll earn $50 per kilowatt of solar panels installed.
  • Earn $500 on average for a residential referral (10kw solar system).
  • Earn $2,500 – $5,000 on average for a commercial referral (50kw – 100kw solar system)
  • Our largest referral partner to date has earnt over $50,000 in commission.
How does it work?

How does our solar referral program work?

Join our Solar Referral Program and watch your earnings grow as solar panels do! When you refer someone to Power Saving Solutions, you’ll rake in $50 for every kilowatt of solar panels we install for them. Not only will you be helping the environment, but your wallet will also do a happy dance!

Step 1
Make an enquiry

Fill in our enquiry form. We just need some basic info, and you’re on your way to spreading solar goodness.

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Step 2
Phone or Zoom Catchup

Let’s chat – We’ll organise a time for a phone call or a virtual catch-up via Zoom. We’ll walk you through the program, answer your questions, and make sure you’re all set.

Step 3
Referral Agreement

Once we’ve answered all of your questions, we’ll send you our referral agreement, making it official that you’re part of our solar-loving squad.

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Anyone can become a referral partner!

We’re all about teaming up with various types of businesses and individuals to spread the solar love.

Residential & Commercial Builders

We work with both residential and commercial builders and help them incorporate solar into projects.


We’ll work with any individual that is able to refer solar installation projects. Refer your friends, family, and anyone you know who’s curious about solar.

Energy Retailers & Brokers

We collaborate with energy retailers and brokers offering a green alternative to their customers.

Roofing Contractors

If you’re a roofing contractor, recommend solar installations to your clients, and you’ll be in for some sunny rewards.

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What types of solar products do we offer?

Become a solar installation partner

Solar Panel Systems

Our solar panels are not only built to withstand harsh weather conditions but also come with industry-leading warranties, ensuring peace of mind for years to come.

Battery Storage

Cutting-edge battery storage solutions to complement our solar panel systems. Our battery storage solutions are designed to maximise efficiency, durability, and safety,

EV Charges

Our EV chargers are designed to be fast, efficient, and compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles. We design systems for residential, commercial, or public use.

We’re trusted by some of Australia’s biggest brands

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