Solar Panel Cleaning & System Maintenance

Solar panel cleaning in Sydney.

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Factors that effect the performance of your solar system

Solar panels are a significant investment in sustainable energy. To ensure their optimal performance and longevity, regular cleaning and maintenance is important by a qualified technician.

Dirty Panels

Dirty solar panels can cause up to a 50% loss in solar system efficiency, meaning you’re generating less renewable energy and spending more.

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Bird Nesting & Wildlife

Birds nesting on or near your solar system can cause potential damage including, overheating, and fire risks. We can help you protect your solar panels from birds & wildlife.

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Blocked Gutters

Blocked or overflowing gutters can cause significant water damage, potentially impacting your solar system’s integrity. Our team can help you protect your solar system and prevent leaves building up in your gutters.

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Solar Panel Coating

Solar panel coatings are designed to repel water and prevent the accumulation of dirt, enhancing the efficiency and output of your panels. This contributes to a better return on your solar investment.

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5-Star service

Based on 40 reviews
Harnek Singh
Harnek Singh
Power Saving Solutions installed a solar system for my business and home. Sean and his team did a excellent job, very professional and friendly.
Yerko Campusano Nuñez
Yerko Campusano Nuñez
Highly recommend this company. Very professional workers, friendly, and cleans. Job perfectly done, no issues and they explain everything what is gonna happen during the working period and after. Very happy to choose them for the installation of my solar panels, now they are going for my EV charger 🎉🎉
Dk Rawal
Dk Rawal
we had a great experience with power saving solutions groups installing my solar project very reliable and well organised. We were informed throughout the project, which have helped us in our business operations. power saving solutions highly recommended.
Lara Shepherd
Lara Shepherd
Power Savings Solutions, led by Sean and his highly capable team, provided a professional, courteous, ethical and punctual service. The on site inspection led to a highly competitive quote with an honest assessment of the available options. The installation was delivered two days earlier with a forecast of inclement weather. The installation was completed with quality products, expert skill and regular consultation on the desired positioning of the components. The installation process was explained as it progressed and a full briefing provided on the operation of the system including the use of the app. Two days later a follow-up on site inspection confirmed the solar system was performing very well and I was again provided instruction on the operation of the system and how to maximise my power savings. Their attention to detail and rapid quotation and invoicing was also appreciated. Power Savings Solutions provide commercial and domestic installations and I recommend extremely highly, without hesitation. You are not dealing with salesmen you are dealing with the qualified experts that have installed hundreds of these systems. Please consider them in any of your solar needs.
Rachel Behrens
Rachel Behrens
I’m so happy with the service power saving solutions did with installing my home solar system. They were easy to work with and very knowledgeable of the products.
Lisa Chapman
Lisa Chapman
Amazing service, installation and communication. Was a large 25kw system installed for our business. very helpful with everything. Can't rate them highly enough.
Felix Lim
Felix Lim
The installation of my solar went on very smoothly from the initial design and consultation with Sean to the actual installation of the solar system
Komal Kaur
Komal Kaur
Great service! Would highly reccomend to anyone interested.
Rhea Bhargava
Rhea Bhargava
I cannot thank Dan and his team for their help with installing solar panels. They were efficient, transparent and very friendly! Cannot recommend Power Saving Solutions enough.

What does our comprehensive inspection include?

Visual Inspection

Our team will check your solar panels for physical damage, dirt, or obstructions on the panels.

Surface Cleaning

We’ll clean and remove dirt and debris to maintain optimal solar panel efficiency.

DC Voltage Testing

Our technicians will measure the DC voltage output to assess panel performance.

Amperage Testing

They’ll also test the current to ensure panels are producing the expected amperage.

Inverter AC Power Check

Testing and verification of the AC power output from the inverter for consistency and efficiency.

Post Inspection Report

Once we’re done we’ll provide you with a detailed report with recommendations on repairs, servicing, or replacement of components to ensure a longer-lasting system is achieved.

Protect your solar panels from birds & wildlife

We can Install VEXO Solar Mesh Guards to safeguard your solar panels from birds and rodents, ensuring system durability and uninterrupted performance.

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Protect your solar investment and prevent leaves building up in your gutters

Our team can install Leaf Stopper at your home, or business to help keep your gutters clean, and to help prevent leaf build up and flooding from effecting your solar system.

Protecting your solar panels today!

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Prevents the build-up of dirt and other contaminants with a solar panel coating

Coatings offer protection against surface wear and etching. They are invisible, UV resistant, and can withstand chemical exposure. The self-cleaning nature of the coating means water simply rolls off, reducing the need for frequent cleaning.

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1 – 10kW Solar System

System inspection


Solar panel cleaning

$12 per panel

10 – 30kW Solar System

System inspection


Solar panel cleaning

$10 per panel

30 – 50kW Solar System

System inspection


Solar panel cleaning

$8 per panel

50 – 100kW Solar System

System inspection


Solar panel cleaning

$8 per panel

100 – 500kW Solar System

System inspection


Solar panel cleaning

$6 per panel

Additional Service Pricing

Electrical Audit of solar systems to the latest CEC standards. $150 per hour.

Estimated inspection times

  • 1kw – 10kw System, Estimated – 2 – 4 Hour Inspection
  • 10kw – 30kw System, Estimated – 3 – 6 Hour Inspection
  • 30kw – 50kw Systems, Estimated – 4 – 6 Hour Inspection
  • 50kw – 100Kw Systems, Estimated – 6 – 8 Hour Inspection
  • 100kw – 500kw Systems, Estimated – 8 – 10 Hour Inspection

Elevating work platforms (EWP) machinery roof access hire is $600 for 1 day of hire + a $500 Pick up and collection fee for a total of $1100 per day.

Removal of Solar Panels and cleaning. Removal of bird nests requires 2 Solar Laborer’s $120 per hour.

Solar panel bird netting installation $15 Per Meter.

Our solar panel coating installation service is $28 per panel.

Our gutter cleaning service is $10 per meter for residential, and $18 for per meter for commercial properties.

Gutter Leaf Guard Installation is $25 per meter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Importance of maintenance

Most high-quality solar power systems are designed for low maintenance, however, solar panels exposed to the environment accumulate dust, leaves, and other debris that can significantly impede their efficiency.

Dirt and debris can block sunlight, potentially reducing your solar system’s efficiency by 20% to 25%.

Just like any other high-value equipment, they require periodic check-ups to maintain their peak performance.

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How often you should service your solar system?

For residential systems we recommend an inspection at least every two years. For larger commercial systems, yearly inspections are advisable.

Our service includes a thorough cleaning and a comprehensive inspection to identify any potential issues before they escalate.

In areas with more dust or foliage, more frequent cleaning might be necessary.

What does our service include?