Our solar systems for homes will cut your electricity bills and your carbon footprint.

At Power Saving Solutions, we ensure a smooth transition when installing your residential solar system.

Our process can be broken down into 3 simple steps:


First, you will have a meeting with one of our friendly and professional team members.

Here we’ll create a system design scheme by examining a whole range of factors to ensure you get the best PV system for your home including:

  • The layout of the roof
  • The degree of sun exposure
  • Shading issues
  • Inverter location

These factors will help determine the total cost of the solar system and the returns you can expect from your investment.

Our team will take the time to answer any questions or concerns about how solar works or the installation. Once we have reached an agreement, we will lodge the forms with your energy provider.


After all the paperwork is done and dusted, we’ll set up an appointment that is convenient for you to install your solar panels.

With the least disruption to your home, we install the panels and connect them to your homes’ electrical system.

On completion, we help familiarize the homeowner with all the components of the system.

3. Activation

This is where it comes to life.

We’ll undertake an electrical inspection, where the installation will be signed off and all the required paperwork will be submitted to your energy provider for meter alteration. You might need a meter upgrade.

Once this is completed, you can put your solar panels to work and start saving.

Contact our residential solar experts today so you can start reducing your energy bill and contributing to a healthy environment.