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SolarEdge Technologies is a leading solar inverter manufacturer, specialising in building intelligent solar inverter systems and power optimisers. Their products are unique in that they focus on maximising power at the individual solar panel level.

SolarEdge systems are composed of smart panels connected in a string solar array, each fitted with an in-built power optimiser. These optimisers are market leading DC/DC converters that allow for seamless tracking of each Smart Panel’s maximum power point (MPPT).

If the solar panel’s performance is affected in any way, the system will identify it and compensate by channelling energy from the other panels in the array.

The result: each optimiser maintains the perfect flow of DC energy from the panels to the AC inverter nearby. This automatically maintained flow of energy (called the fixed string voltage), will operate consistently and effectively in any conditions.

The power optimiser is different to a micro-inverter, converting DC energy to AC on each individual panel. A SolarEdge power optimiser instead uses software to sustain the optimum flow of energy carried to the string array’s inverter.

Advantages of SolarEdge Smart Panel systems

1. Maximum Energy Output

The in-built power optimiser in each SolarEdge Smart Panel means that the system works to adaptively harvest the required energy flow from the best performing panels.

If afternoon shade or the angle of the sun alters the solar irradiation, the SolarEdge system will draw on other panels to adapt.

In this way, the SolarEdge system will mitigate panel mismatch-loss by optimising panel outputs.

2. Cost

Power optimisers are traditionally less expensive than their micro-inverter counterparts, controlling the optimum flow of DC energy, rather than conversion points on each panel.

SolarEdge power optimisers but are built to achieve all the same benefits of micro-inverters with greater efficiency and reliability.

3. Shaded or Irregular Roof? No problem.

An important benefit of SolarEdge systems is that 100% sunlight is not essential.

If your roof is partially shaded or sits at an irregular angle, the power optimiser system ensures that your energy needs continue to be met.

By operating panel-based MPPT and shifting the dependence of energy output provided by the panels in an array, the optimum flow of DC energy is maintained.

4. Maintenance and Panel Performance Tracking

The power optimisers will not only ensure smart outcomes for the array’s energy flow – it provides the same information in real-time to your monitoring platform application on your preferred device.

This also means that any maintenance needs can be met easily and effectively.

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