Commercial Solar

Helping businesses take full advantage of the abundant sunlight in Australia.

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Solar power installation services helping you achieve commercial renewable energy

  • Is your business looking to save from on-going electrical costs?

  • Are you wanting to get to net-zero emissions?

  • Do you want a cost-effective alternative?

At Power Saving Solutions, our commercial solar service gives you access to state-of-the-art solar systems, with individually tailored solar system designs and solar installation to cater for you energy needs.

What is our commercial solar service ?

Let’s discuss your electricity needs.

At Power Saving Solutions, our solar power specialists can equip you with renewable and cost-effective energy solutions. To start the process of decreasing your electricity bill either fill out our contact form, or give us a call.

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What is Our Commercial Solar Service?

Commercial Solar is a great way for Australian businesses to cut energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint and to contribute to a sustainable future.

We can help position your business at the forefront of Australia’s transition to renewable energy and you can become cashflow positive from day-one with our $0 upfront solution.

How does the process work ?

How does the Commercial Solar process work?

Optimising the power of solar energy involves the professional design, application and installation of an efficient solar system that is catered to your business’ premises.

When installing Solar panels on your buildings, we go through a thorough process of evaluating your roof, site location and compatibility of your electricity needs. This ensures you gain all the benefits of solar power without any hassle.

What are the benefits of Commercial Solar?

At Power Saving Solutions, we handle the installation of your solar power system to offer you a renewable energy source to power your business.

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  • Save from on-going and rising electrical costs

  • Reduce your business’ carbon footprint

  • The Government will subsidise part of your solar system

  • Businesses can claim up to $150k as an instant tax write off

Maintenance and removal

The maintenance and removal of your Solar panels is also managed by us, allowing you to focus on growing your operations while we power your business.