Solar Energy for Businesses

Solar energy is a great, cost-effective way to cut energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable economy.

Power Saving Solutions can help your business take advantage of the abundant sunlight available in Australia to achieve your commercial solar goals. Our solar specialists can help position you at the forefront of Australia’s transition to renewable energy.

You may very well ask yourself: why should I invest in solar energy in 2019?

Advantages of solar energy for business

  • Clean energy: The obvious. Solar energy can significantly reduce the amount of carbon your business emits and transform you into an eco-friendly business. You can achieve a ‘green business’ status leading to excellent public relations. Solar systems can provide online monitoring, demonstrating to the world the reduced impact your system is having on the environment.
  • Cut costs: Solar energy is not only clean, but cheap. In the long-term, embracing solar can reduce your operational costs leading to higher savings and profits. You can reduce – if not, eliminate – your building’s power bill because you won’t be relying on an expensive energy provider.
  • Stabilise electricity rates: Energy prices can rise unexpectedly due to uncontrollable factors.
  • Government incentives: Take advantage of the numerous government schemes that can provide solar businesses with a range of benefits:
    • Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES)- Eligible small businesses that install a ‘small scale’ renewable energy system may access a range of benefits from the Federal Government
    • Tax incentives – Until 30 June 2019, small businesses earning under $2 million can claim write-offs on all purchases under $20,000.
    • State government rebates for battery storage – Businesses storing power with their own solar batteries can also receive rebates in certain States, such as Queensland and South Australia.

Explore solar energy with Power Savings Solutions

Every commercial solar project requires thorough planning to maximise your returns and ensure a smooth construction process.

Our team will design a system that will supply your daytime energy load with an option for battery storage if your business uses electricity throughout the night.

We can design a system that will that would have an attractive payback period of 3-7 years depending on the location, installation costs, energy usage and operating patterns.

Contact our team of specialists at Power Savings Solutions today and we can get your business saving energy and saving money.