Reasons to invest in solar energy 2019

Reasons to invest in solar energy 2019

Electricity prices have led to a solar energy boom – a boom we are now in.

There are plenty reasons to invest in solar energy for homes and solar energy for businesses.

It started in 2008 and is only getting better. Households across the country are moving quickly to install solar panels and invest in solar batteries.

  • Solar panels are more affordable than ever

It’s true – the market price of solar panels has fallen quite substantially since a decade ago. Looking at SolarChoice’s PV Price Index, you can see that the out-of-pocket costs of running a solar PV system has significantly dropped:

Source: SolarChoice

This graph shows that average prices have fallen as low as 40 per cent from late 2012 to early 2018. And as the experts at SolarChoice say, no sudden increases are likely in the short-term.

  • Long-term savings on electricity bills

What everybody wants and needs to do. have done an excellent analysis of cost savings state by state. NSW and Queensland have it especially great because of all the sun they get. The payback periods are not long to see a return on your investments, and government incentives can push that back in more.

  • Government incentives

The government is (or should be) realising that solar energy is cheaper than ever before. The Federal Government have announced the Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme, which gives money to small businesses and individuals to instal certain renewable energy systems. You can read more about this in our blog here (link to STC page).

  • Solar energy is environmentally friendly

It really comes down to this.

The International Energy Agency released its World Economic Outlook in 2008 and said “What we need is nothing short of an energy revolution”. Solar energy is that revolution and, as prices of solar energy continue to fall, there is nothing stopping us from taking advantage.

  • Solar energy is the future

It’s no escaping. Most investors and industry experts predict that solar panels and battery storage are the future of this country. Around 2 million Aussie homes already have solar power, and there’s no indication that they’re about to get rid of it any time soon.

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