You can save much more on your electricity bill by getting LED lighting into your home or business.

What is LED lighting?

‘LED’ stands for Light Emitting Diode – the most efficient form of lighting. It uses much less energy to produce the same amount of light compared to your regular incandescent lightbulb.

LED lighting has taken the world by storm. Every day more and more homeowners and businesses are investing in LEDs.

But why?

LED Lighting benefits
  • 80-90% More Efficient – LED lights are able to generate up to 135 lumens per watt whereas your regular incandescent bulb will give you less than 20 lumens per watt. You’ll get a complete return on your investment in just a couple of years.
  • Long Operational Life Time Expectations -LED Lights can smash out up to 50,000 hours. Your regular incandescent bulb might give you 2,000 hours if you’re lucky.
  • Ecologically Friendly – No harmful mercury, no unwanted substances lurking about.
  • No heat – Reduce the risk of fires and don’t worsen a scorching hot day with LED lighting!
  • Zero UV Emission – that’s right, zilch.
  • Design Flexibility – LED fixture designs are flexible for both inside and outside lighting, so you can find the perfect design for your home or business.
  • Operates in Extremely Cold Or Hot Temperatures – Your lightbulb will shine bright even when the temperature falls below freezing or if it’s a scorcher!
  • Higher focused light distribution – Your conventional light will waste power by emitting light in all sorts of directions. You’ll hardly need any LED lights at all to achieve the same level of brightness.

Our LED Lighting specialists at Power Saving Solutions are experienced in residential and commercial lighting. We will assess each individual situation and create the most efficient lighting plan tailored to your needs.