Solar Rebates – Take Advantage and Invest in Solar 2019

Solar Rebates – Take Advantage and Invest in Solar 2019

Aussie homes and businesses are incentivised by the government to install power systems through solar rebates, but they are slowly reducing by about 6-7 per cent each year.

As such – with plenty of government rebates and incentives remaining – we at Power Savings Solutions believe now is the time to install solar energy for homes and solar energy for business.


Small-scale Renewable Energy scheme

This new market-based Federal Government Scheme started in 2017 and will finish in 2030. It’s part of the Government’s Renewable Energy Target Scheme.

This is a Scheme whereby the government gives you an economic incentive to install certain small-scale renewable energy systems that generate under 100kW of electricity. This may include things like wind systems, hydro systems, solar panels, water heaters and so on.

They do this through issuing consumers Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs).

These STCs must be purchased by certain ‘liable entities’ (usually electricity retailers) and then surrendered to the Clean Energy Regulator. STCs have encouraged installing rooftop solar power to more than 2 million Aussie homes.

Cost savings

From January 2019, the deemed life period of small-scale systems is 12 years. That means there will be one STC issued to a consumer for every 1,000 kWh of electricity generated every 12 years.

STCs currently have a market value of around $37.85 per STC.

So, if you are eligible to get – for instance, 70 STCs – you could save up to $2,649.50 paid to you by these certificates. It’s a huge reduction.

But this is decreasing every year. Take a look at the graph produced by Energis highlighting this.


Contact our solar rebate specialists today

We have qualified solar experts that can help you navigate some of the complexities in understanding the Scheme.

Our friendly team of specialists can assess what is the best energy option for you that can minimise your next power bill.

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