Battery storage is more advanced and affordable to your home than ever before.

In the past, the cost of solar batteries outweighed the benefits, with the returns on investment impractical for the average household.

As technology improves and the market expands, batteries have become cheaper and a desirable, practical purchase for Australian households.

What is battery storage?

The sun doesn’t shine twenty-four hours a day.

When the sun rises, batteries will grab energy generated during the day, store it and power your home after the sun sets.

Battery storage systems have become more popular as electricity costs rise and the rate of pushing solar energy back onto the grid reduces.

Advantages of battery storage
  • More cost-effective: It has become more efficient to divert excess energy into your own battery, as opposed to diverting it back onto the grid. This is especially true if you use most of your energy at night.

Some retailers in Queensland are offering as low as six cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) for excess solar, whereas it used to be sixty cents. In New South Wales, the government went as far as to shut down the Solar Bonus Scheme in 2016.

  • Self-sufficiency and protection from blackouts: Your battery is an ‘island’ of energy, and not connected to the main distribution network. If your neighbourhood gets a blackout, you’ll be the most popular house on the block.
  • State Government rebates: Some State Governments have turned their focus to funding solar batteries to assist with the increasing demand for solar storage.

Queensland will provide eligible households with interest-free loans of up to $10,000 and grants of $3000 for homeowners and small business to buy batteries or solar-battery systems.

South Australia’s home storage battery program also provides $6,000 to residents who store energy in solar batteries.

  • Cleaner energy: Solar battery storage helps reduce your carbon footprint. Using a battery, rather than completely using grid electricity, will reduce the amount of CO2 you generate.

Note that all electricity prices depend on your state, tariff, zone and any other additional rates or charge that occur from your energy retailer.

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