Power Saving Solutions

Power Saving Solutions is an Australian owned company passionate about reducing your electricity bill through renewable energy. Our team of highly motivated specialists have the know-how to help you save energy and save money by moving towards sustainable solutions for your home or business.

our vision

Our vision is to move towards a more sustainable world, helping Australians one at a time achieve their renewable energy goals at home and at work. We hope to move away from traditional fossil fuel sources and embrace sustainable ways of powering our society.


We believe all Australians have the right to a cheaper electricity bill. That’s why at Power Saving Solutions, we bring the latest and most innovative technology to you. We understand the everyday pressures that electricity bills cause to families, so we offer solar services, maintenance, professional advice and power saving products.

If you’re ready for a change, contact one of our professional team members and we will be sure to help you reduce the cost of your next power bill.

Join our supportive community for our latest projects, power saving products and insight into what the future holds.